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Mineral Make-Up Artistry




Make-up is an extension of skin care, and mineral makeup is so effective it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals alike. 


Make-Up on the GO

Quick Make-up Application                         $20

Seasonal Make-Up Application                    $30

Special Occasion Application                      $50        

Bridal Make-up (includes trial application)     $80

SofTap Permanent Make-up Enhancement
Permanent Cosmetics is a beautiful answer to obtaining more freedom.  Imagine waking up with your make-up already complete.  Permanent Cosmetics enhance your natural beauty even when you're not wearing make-up.  Great for sports enthusiasts, farsighted vision, allergies to cosmetics, arthritic conditions and tearing eyes.  We only do 'Enhancement' for a more natural look.  We do not provide corrective make-up over previous work. We have also recently added GenuLine Hairstrokes, similar to micro-blading, for the most natural look imaginable.
Eyeliner                            $250
Eyeliner Touch Up             $150
GenuLine Hairstrokes        $375
GenuLine with Softap Fill   $425
Eyebrows                         $300
Eyebrow Touch Up            $175

Please refer to www.softaps.com for more information on permanent makeup.