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This thank you and testimonial has been a long time coming! I have been a client of Harmony Skin and Body Wellness for 5 years. I started making appointments with Linda when I was 53 and beginning to show signs of aging. With no interest in traditional options of skin care, I was looking for a more natural approach to aging. Linda's multi faceted approach to skin care was just the Holistic program I was looking for.

My first facial with Linda was unlike any I had ever experienced. Linda carefully examined my skin and determined that it was very sensitive, so harsh treatments would be inadvisable. For the first time I experienced a highly personal approach to skin care. She designed a skin care program just for me based on the condition of my skin. To get rid of the fine lines I had around my eyes and mouth she decided that the best approach would be Ultra Infrared Treatments, a non-invasive light treatment that boosts collagen production in the skin. After five treatments, the lines had disappeared, and I continue to get this treatment once a year with excellent results.  Under Linda's guidance, I learned that in addition to regular facials I had to make a commitment to eat well, exercise, and to honor myself. The result is that I feel and look younger, and have tons of energy. People tell me that I look younger than I did five years ago, and I think so too. So thank you Linda, you have done so much to restore my confidence in my appearance. Your skills and advice mean more than you can know.

--Claire M.


Facial waxing was always something I needed but would put off doing. After meeting with Linda at Harmony Skin and Body Wellness, I have a new frame of mind. Her thorough knowledge and experience with personalized skin care made me very comfortable. I now have facial waxing every month and the results are amazing!  I would highly recommend Linda to everyone, Her pleasant nature and the soothing atmosphere at Harmony makes for a pleasurable experience. Most importantly, I definitely see improvements in my skin since I started trusting it to Linda.

--Elaine T.


Linda is one of the best estheticians I have ever dealt with...extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to promoting health & well-being amongst her clients.  I've been seeing Linda for years and have been extremely pleased with the results of my monthly facials and micros, and Linda's kind and caring way makes them even more enjoyable. I hope to continue visiting Harmony for many years to come!

--Julie P.